Event Planning Getting Started Tips

We want to make this experience as easy for you as possible.  Putting on a party is hard work!  It is our goal that we do the dirty work for you so you can sit down, relax, enjoy your guests and the experience you have been planning.


Here are some things for you to consider before we get started:


1.  Determine your budget.

The most important factor of any good party is how much are you willing spend?  This estimate is best determined by head count.  To help you determine how much money you may want for your budget, add up the number of guests on your guest list and times that by $19.90 (# of Guests X $19.90 = Estimate Cost).  If this budget isn't what your were expecting both on the high and low end, give us a call.  We can find options for you.


2.  Imagine the possibilities.

Our questionnaire is the most important piece of information you can give us about your event.  Don't be afraid to GO BIG!  We love creating events that people remember for years to come.  Nothing sounds outlandish.  Let us know your hopes and dreams and we will help you create them.